An Easter break in Poland

#1 I arrived in Warsaw, Poland during Easter, eager to take a break from the harsh London weather. It wasn’t too be as Poland was snowing badly. Nonetheless, Warsaw is a fascinating city. I was excited to visit the Frederic Chopin museum to learn more about this amazing composer. This wall mural was found near the museum
#2 This is possibly Warsaw’s most beautiful street, Krakowskie PrzedmieĊ›cie. It houses many important buildings, lovely parks and beautiful churches, eventually leading to its old town.
#3 The old town of Warsaw was completely destroyed during the World War and was built from scratch. This is a recreation of the old town square, beautiful and symbolic of the tenacity and strength of the Polish people.
#4 Krakow was the second city. While I always knew that this is a beautiful place, it was never high up on my to-see list. My main aim was to use Krakow as a base to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp. As it happened, Easter wasn’t a great time to visit the religious country as there was no transport available. I had a lot more time in Krakow to explore its beautiful. This is a shot of the Wawel castle.
#5 Wawel cathedral
#6 At the heart of old town Krakow is its town square. I took many shots here as it just looks so beautiful in the light snow
#7 The cloth hall stands firm. An architectural jewel, this interesting building today houses many independent and tourist stores. I must have taken this picture early in the morning, when no tourists have arrived yet
#8 Same scenes at night

Poland has been criminally overlooked as a travel destination. It is one country which I will love to come back to