Nikon D610

After almost 3 years with my entry level DSLR (and getting increasingly frustrated with its limitations), I have finally found the heart (and pocket money!) to upgrade my camera to a full frame semi-professional Nikon D610. It’s also the first time I have shot with a prime lens, specifically, a 50mm f/1.8 and that takes some getting used to. Last weekend I took my new toy out for a test run shooting at various places in Singapore. It was fun exploring my own country and looking at it through a view finder. I felt like a tourist.

As the pictures on this site has been cropped to 623 x 415, the quality of these pictures do not appear too different from those in my previous posts. But at full scale, the difference is apparent. There are still plenty to learn, so I hope to do more of this in the next few weeks!





rsz_dsc_1032 rsz_dsc_1059

rsz_dsc_1139 (1)


rsz_dsc_1238 (1)

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