Day 20: Elan Valley

01.07.2013. Zoe’s father dropped me off at the Liverpool House B&B along Rhayader’s East Street and bid me farewell. I would be using this quiet little town as a base to visit the nearby Elan Valley, a place I picked up from word of mouth during my travels. Getting around Elan Valley without your own transport, I came to realise, was an arduous task. I had to call the transport office few days in advance just to reserve a seat on the local bus service.

I arrived at the B&B’s doorstep at 9 am, left my heavy ruck sack, with only 40 minutes to catch my bus at a place I have no idea where of. After some enquiries on where the bus station was; John, the B&B owner decided to drive me to the visitor centre himself. I can’t imagine such kindness happening in big cities such as London.

Elan Valley is home to a few reservoirs supplying water to the nearby Birmingham, which are transported with just the force of gravity. The protected natural reserve is eerily beautiful; the sound of the reservoirs’ dramatic falling water being the only indication that I have arrived at the next ‘pit stop’. The entire hike took me almost 5 hours to complete and for the entire duration I met only a handful of other walkers. The views, however, kept me good company during this remarkably peaceful walk.






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