Find your inner peace amongst the Norwegian Fjords

On separate visits, I have been to various cities and towns in Denmark and Sweden, and as such, Scandinavia has never been new to me. This bank holiday in the UK I returned to this vast land to the country of Norway, for the sole purpose of experiencing its most famous: the legendary Norwegian Fjords.

We flew into Bergen, Norway’s second largest city, gateway to these famous Fjords dotted along the country’s diverse western coastline. Despite being a marvellous pitstop, the city itself is beautiful and interesting. Its most famous icon is no doubt the Bryggen (Norwegian for wharf), a UNESCO protected site which houses today the many trade buildings left behind during the Hanseatic League days. With it perched between the calming bay waters and the dramatic mountains, the Bryggen of today serves mainly the tourists, but would give visitors an idea of what the city would have been like during its old trade days.

City of Bergen
Guild houses along the Bryggen

From Bergen, we boarded the train and made our way toward the village of Flam, which lies North East from the city. The ride offers amazing views of the wild and varied landscapes of Norway, and despite total journey time being close to 3 hours, it almost feels too short. Flam is the inner most human establishment and most accessible gateway to the Aurlandsfjords.

We took the opportunity to spend a night in this quaint village. Besides having the chance to spend the night and rest our feet amidst the natural dramatic mountains and cliffs, it gave us ample time to hike around the beautiful countryside, getaway from the buzz and hustle of busy urban life, and truly connect with one another on a more intimate level.

This is Flam
Hiking around the village
Building with the Aurlandsfjord in the visible background

We left Flam on board a cruise which offers excellent views of the majestic Aurlandsfjords…

The majestic fjords
Scenes along the cruise
Scenes along the cruise

I have always thought of myself as more of an urbanite who favours cities and culture to nature. This trip to Norway changed all that and I can’t wait to experience more of what mother nature can offer, or on a more personal level, to remind myself on what life is all about.

4 thoughts on “Find your inner peace amongst the Norwegian Fjords

  1. “… truly connect with one another on a more intimate level.”

    Who is the “we”? Is that a hint of things to come?

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