An Easter break in Poland

#1 I arrived in Warsaw, Poland during Easter, eager to take a break from the harsh London weather. It wasn’t too be as Poland was snowing badly. Nonetheless, Warsaw is a fascinating city. I was excited to visit the Frederic Chopin museum to learn more about this amazing composer. This wall mural was found near the museum
#2 This is possibly Warsaw’s most beautiful street, Krakowskie PrzedmieĊ›cie. It houses many important buildings, lovely parks and beautiful churches, eventually leading to its old town.
#3 The old town of Warsaw was completely destroyed during the World War and was built from scratch. This is a recreation of the old town square, beautiful and symbolic of the tenacity and strength of the Polish people.
#4 Krakow was the second city. While I always knew that this is a beautiful place, it was never high up on my to-see list. My main aim was to use Krakow as a base to visit the Auschwitz concentration camp. As it happened, Easter wasn’t a great time to visit the religious country as there was no transport available. I had a lot more time in Krakow to explore its beautiful. This is a shot of the Wawel castle.
#5 Wawel cathedral
#6 At the heart of old town Krakow is its town square. I took many shots here as it just looks so beautiful in the light snow
#7 The cloth hall stands firm. An architectural jewel, this interesting building today houses many independent and tourist stores. I must have taken this picture early in the morning, when no tourists have arrived yet
#8 Same scenes at night

Poland has been criminally overlooked as a travel destination. It is one country which I will love to come back to

2 thoughts on “An Easter break in Poland

  1. I agree! Poland has definitely been overlooked… is it the sad history? Its distance from many of Europe’s hotspots? The tongue-twister language? And does anyone know how many hundreds of miles of gorgeous beach there is over there?
    I think one thing that didn’t help was Poland getting dropped off the Eurail global pass coverage last year. I hope they get back on the list soon.

    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. I don’t know anything about Eurail, however, the country is still on the low end when it comes to costs (besides obviously expensive cities such as Warsaw and Krakow), so no reason for people to not visit it!

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