To Fez

Continuing from my previous blog on Morroco…

From Marrakech, my next destination was to be Fez, one of the imperial cities of Morroco and also its ancient capital. The cities did not look awfully far on the map, so I decided on taking a direct train. The entire journey took 7 hours long, which was perfect for me. Whilst I had a brilliant time at the magical Marrakech, I needed a recharge; some alone time to be away from its hustle and bustle.

Despite the journey time, the train ride was very pleasant, offering a sneak peak of the beautiful wild plains and landscape which Morroco is so well known for. It was, alas, spoilt by some bad experiences with some people I met. The kind looking train conductor led me into believing that the riad which I had booked into (against my better judgement, I told him where it was) was a scam and was unsafe, in the hope that I will sought him for help.

Such was the unfortunate theme of my 2 weeks travel in Morroco. I had to learn to be mistrustful.

I rested the night at the safe comfort of my riad, knowing all too well that tackling the Medina (old town) at night on my first day in Fez would have been a very bad idea.  

Fez at night is a world of its own. My favourite shot of the trip
Arabian night

Fez’s medina matches the scale, grandness and perhaps even outdo the confusion that is Marrakech’s. However, it also feel more cultured, less chaotic, and definitely less screaming in your face by the ubiquitous store owners. I gave up figuring out where I was a few minutes after stepping into the medina, for getting lost was the real fun, and that is indeed what everyone who has the chance of visiting this enchanting city should do.

Every little corner is worth exploring, for one will never know what lie ahead
People watching in Fez

Against Marrakech’s brick walls of red, the streets of Fez are predominantly pale and yellow, forming a very interesting contrast. Some of my most memorable shots were taken against this distinct backdrop, many of them mere non-descript corners.


I bid farewell to this beautiful city after 2 nights stay. I paired up with an American traveller I met in Fez, and we journeyed up north.

5 thoughts on “To Fez

  1. Hi! I’m actually researching on travelling to Spain/Portugal/Morrocco.. Any tips/recommendations based on your travel? Also any tips to stay safe.. (especially since we’ll be a group of 3 girls).

    1. Depending on the amount of time, I will pick 2 out of the 3 countries you mentioned. My suggestion would be to see Andalusia, southern Spain- one of my favorite place in Europe. Granada and Seville are spectacular. Check out Rondo, if you have the chance, a place I regretfully missed.

      From Spain you can catch a ferry to Tangier, Morroco. I have not been there before, as it seems like another Spanish city. Northern Morocco you can check out places such as Fez, Moulay Idris (highly recommend) as well as Meknes and Chefchaouen. There is also the Atlas mountain.

      If you wish to, there’s a train from Fez to Marrakesh, and from there you can consider going to the Sahara.

      Morroco may come across as very abrasive, but that is limited to big cities such as Marrakesh and Fez. I was backpacking alone and felt completely safe.

      Have fun!

      1. I believe i have some on morocco though it’s not complete. I travelled to Spain before I started this blog, so no entries. You should be able to find them through the catalogs.

        If all else fails, there’s always Google for pictures! Feel free to get in touch should you require further help!

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