Danish delights

Scandinavia, or Northern Europe more generally, readily conjures images of constant cold, or of being a rather expensive location (both of which turned out to be largely untrue). I too often turned my back against it, opting for something more exotic, something more ‘European’ perhaps.

Colourful streets
Catch the sunset at Nyhavn

Few weeks ago I undid such misconception and packed my way to the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Basking in the glorious sunny weather and its very beautiful people, I savoured a taste of the world’s happiest country. Denmark, however small it is geographically, knows a thing or two about living.

Stylish neighbourhood
Listen to the music

From the chatter of the annoyingly good-looking Danish people in the stylish bars to the devil-may-care, free-living residents in Christiania, life permeates the streets of Copenhagen and is perhaps what gives the beautifully painted streets its many colours.

Nyhavn at night
Lonely stop

Copenhagen as a travel destination is simple, beautiful, elegant, yet charmingly understated. Indeed, do away with the nonsense of packing an itinerary; grab a beer, find a lovely corner and people watch. Travel really should never have been so complicated.

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