The people of Marrakech

#1 I think this must be the first stranger I ever took such close shots of. I gave the beggar some dirhams, and respectfully asked for his permission before taking this picture of him.
#2 I arrived at this quiet neighbourhood and was captivated by the distinct red walls. There was a pair of siblings who seemed perplexed by my presence. While his sister cheekily ran away, this little boy stood still, giving me the opportunity to take a portrait of him against these walls.
#3 This was taken near a local fish market. I spotted this kid sitting on his bike serenely amidst all the noise and hustling. I gave him a signal by lifting my camera, to which he replied with a silent nod and a smile. It was a magical moment.
#4 While wandering aimlessly at the Djemma El Fna, I felt a gentle tug on my shirt. This girl was trying to sell me some tissue. When I gave her some money and told her that I don’t need the tissue, she offered to let me take a picture of her by posing beside this orange juice cart. This is one of my favourite picture of the trip.
#5 The cheeky kid who asked me for more money after I gave him some. I held by my principles and refused!
#6 While wandering around a neighbourhood, this man invited me into his place for some mint tea. He began showing me some pictures of a nearby mountain which he offered taking me to the next day. Sensing that things weren’t quite what it seemed, I politely declined and left his house.
#7 Staying at a local Riad (Guesthouse) gave me the opportunity to make some local Moroccan friends. Most of them are ‘Berbers’, the indigenous ethnic group in North Africa. Learnt a lot about their history, stories and even their local music through the broken English we shared. I still keep in touch with a few of them on Facebook.

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