The charming coastal town of Berwick upon Tweed

Not many people have probably heard of Berwick upon Tweed.

While on a train ride to Edinburgh just over a year ago, I spotted this sleepy village right on the Northumberland coast between England and Scotland. The town had hinted me for a journey, but there wasn’t time then. This time I’m glad there was.

The sleepy town of Berwick upon Tweed

Berwick isn’t going to score high on any tourists’ list, but the peace of the town had on us the effect of a calming break, particularly pronounced considering we travelled from Olympics-mad London. As an admirer of magnificent bridges, of which the town had 3 impressive ones arching over the Tweed river, there were also enough opportunities to work my camera a bit.

One of the bridges over the Tweed river

As one of England’s most Northern towns, Berwick had a turbulent history, changing hands frequently during the country’s many wars with its Scottish neighbour. Contrast this to the love story the famous British painter L S Lowry had with the town, its beautiful backdrops forming the inspiration of his many works.

Scenes which inspired L S Lowry back in those days

While waiting at the queue in one of its charming local restaurants for breakfast, a fellow guest pointed out the English and Scottish flags on display side by side. “Oh we prefer to stay neutral!” chuckled the old lady by the till, her Scottish accent rather betraying.

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