Catching a slice of the Olympics

I’m never one who buys into hypes.

That’s a big statement to say in London in 2012, with the royal wedding, the Queen’s diamond jubilee and now the Olympics all happening in the same year. While I have gone through the year largely unscathed from the buzz (either away from the country, or simply indifferent), I have finally let myself loose this time and got a ticket to an Olympics football game. This whole “once in a lifetime opportunity” tongue-in-cheek has proven quite effective on me.

The game was to be played at the Wembley stadium, a magnificent football pitch in North London. The game, which was played between South Korea and Gabon, was a non-matter; it was always about the atmosphere, about this whole ‘Olympics’ fever that has swept the nation.

Wembley stadium

While the match sinks into mediocrity by the minute, the crowd was always in party mode. Every disappointing touch and off-chances were met with enthusiastic moans and gasps. Olympics football is in my opinion a tricky business- if the event is not the epitome of the sport’s greatness, what place does it has here? I left the game with 10 minutes remaining as I joined my hurried footsteps with hundreds of other like-minded spectators to the tube station.

Fantastic pitch
Supportive crowd

So I paid 60 pounds and purchased my slice of the Olympics. Score? What score?

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