The historic Melaka

The whole proclamation of its status as a UNESCO heritage site so ubiquitous on display in the old city of Melaka, Malaysia, annoyed the discerning me tremendously. But after witnessing the town, and understanding its significance, I became more understanding. Just less than 4 hours by car from Singapore (where everything new and modern is worshipped), it is remarkable to find ruins so well preserved from the 1700s.

Christ church Melaka
The characteristic red buildings of old town

Melaka, with its important role as a port city, changed hands several times in its history. It was first the Chinese; then in order, the Portugese, the Dutch, and the British, before the country finally gains its independence from foreign rule in 1957. The streets of Melaka tells this story well, with architecture styles reflecting each phases of its colourful history.

Ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral
Faces of the local tri-shaw riders
Chinese temple
Old man at the temple

Modern day Melaka also has plenty to write home about. Jonker street, a great place for antique hunters during the day, shed this facet and became a street for everyone when night falls. From local food fares to the budding tattooist; the first glimpse of moon rays was the catalyst for eager vendors to bring out their goods and wares, lining both sides of the street in perfect symmetry.

And as the following pictures can attest, the city is beautiful at night, rapidly depleting my camera’s battery as I hobbled along into the next dark alley.

Enter Jonker street at night
Be carried by the street
Local food fare
Beautiful streets at night
Chinese temple at night
Local inn
Malacca river

The visit to Melaka sparked my interest in Malaysia. I hope to see more of the country in the near future.

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