Romanticism. Indulged

Back dated post. Actual date of travel: March 2012

Among many things I admire the Hungarian capital for, I have always found its name, Budapest, rather charming. Buda and Pest are separated by the Danube river, linking between them many beautiful bridges. I took many strolls along either side of the river, during the day or at night, making sure those images were etched firmly in my mind. I couldn’t get enough of its own world’s charm.

Chain bridge across the Danube
Buda castle
Enjoy the many hot spas- Szechenyi bath
Constable statue

Budapest is indeed an architecture gem- the Parliament building its crown jewel. It is remarkable how just a few decades ago the country was still under the control of communism. How unfortunate had this beautiful city not been opened to outsiders’ eyes, I thought.

Parliament building at night
The artist and the spectator
Old street at night
Fisherman's wharf

Words seemed unnecessary; the pictures did the talking.

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