Night shoot #1

Date: 8 April 2012
Time: 2100- 2300
Place: London Bridge, London, United Kingdom

There’s something about night photography that makes it incredibly intriguing to me. It could be the absence of crowd; the mysterious illumination of the street lights; or the sheer difficulty in getting a good shot. Whenever I travel, I like to spend a few hours exploring the same places at night (and in the case of Europe, braving the cold wind and dodging street prostitutes in doing so!).

What makes London great is that there are so many little pockets of area each with its own charm and identity. Besides the usual tourist areas such as Westminster and the west end area, I hope to explore the night scenes of other lesser known places and to use this blog as a fuel to do more.

I shoot with a Nikon D3100, a novice entry level DSLR with the default 18-55mm lens. I don’t use a tripod (which is something I need to start learning how to use soon) and almost always without camera flash. The resultant shots are still very amateur (and not nearly as sharp as I would love them to), but I guess I need to start somewhere!

#1 One cool thing about the London Bridge area is that there are so many tunnels, and people/cars use them as shortcuts to destinations. This particular one is blocked and therefore no vehicles are allowed. These guys appeared to know exactly where the end of the tunnel would lead them to
#2 I was attracted by the purple hue of this illuminating overground rail track. It was shot in the middle of the road but there wasn’t many vehicles at that hour.
#3 Obligatory shot of the Tower Bridge at night.
#4 Plain old London Bridge paints the Thames red at night with St. Paul’s cathedral in the distant background. I spent a long time trying to take a decent shot of this scene; finally deciding to keep this because I like the image of the double decker zooming past!
#5 Borough market at night. Such remarkable peace for a place that is packed with tourists whenever it is opened!
#6 For some reasons I was excited by the symmetry formed by the 2 stop signs and decided to take some shots of it.
#7 The scene that greets me everyday when exiting the Canary Wharf tube station. Would have loved a better camera, a tripod, and less shaky hands to get a clearer shot. But I guess it did the job of capturing the loneliness of the Turkish sweet store in the heart of London’s 2nd financial district during the wee hours.

3 thoughts on “Night shoot #1

  1. Amazing! I love night photography – but as yet I’ve not done very much. You’ve inspired me to get out there and practice! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Sarah! I am really not very good and is trying hard to get better. I love your pictures too. Share more!

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