Meeting David

I have been day tripping to so many English towns and cities to know the drill- high streets with the same few stores, a few cathedrals, possibly some weekend flower markets and crowded pubs (especially in great weather).

Outside the oldest pub in England (which is always a contention)

David is someone whom I met when I visited Nottingham (besides being the home to Robin Hood which the city has a nice statue to show for, the above descriptions stay very true indeed).

David is 20 years my senior, travels around the world in his hardy bike, works with photography, openly explains his distaste for all things mathematics, and wears a Harley Davidson ring on his right hand.

In other words, David is nothing like me, and is probably someone I would have never come across in my circle of friends.

It is truly liberating to meet people who sees life in an entirely different light from ours. It challenges us to think about what is important, and re-imagine in our vicious cycle of daily life, what we have been missing out. I always knew that there is a hippie in me beneath that shiny suit I put on to work each day; I just need to discover it more.

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