Adventures of the laundry man

Toulose's laundry- Conquered

One very practical consideration of travelling long period is that at some point of time, you would have to perform the glorious task of doing laundry.

A local laundry place is probably one of those last places on earth you would expect to find someone who can speak your language and to help you past the gibberish (foreign language) of an user instruction. If given a chance, no one likes to spend their time waiting for their clothes to be cleaned. The unwritten rule: get on with it and get out, as there is always someone else waiting to use the machine. It’s a harsh world out there in the realm of public laundry.

In other words, doing laundry in a foreign country can be an extremely stressful task.

Last year’s trip to Spain has prepared me well, where the royal city of Madrid was deemed fitting for me to lay my worn clothes down. As my hostel in Toulose is situated right in an university area, I marched purposefully along the streets, knowing that it wouldn’t take too long to redeem the freshness of my belongings again.

I pretended to know what I was doing for about 5 minutes before the glaring eyes of those waiting forced me to scurry for help. It wasn’t too difficult in the end. It’s nice knowing that certain things in life, such as putting dirty clothes in a washing machine, applying detergent, and then waiting for it to be cleaned are actually quite universal in nature.

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