I started travelling very late. 21 years old, if I remember correctly. It was the first time I took a plane and the destination was Bangkok, about 2 hours from Singapore. Since then, I have developed a penchant for travelling, and only quite recently, got reacquainted with my passion for photography. I was thankful as both interests give more meaning to the other.

If there’s one thing which I absolutely hate, that will be travel elitism, something which has become quite prevalent in this age of easy mobility. The experience that one gain out of stepping in a different place is entirely personal- no one/ nothing should rob one from having that enjoyment.

I love travelling solo with no planned itinerary, if only because of the freedom that it entails. With all the time to myself, I am more inclined to do things I usually wouldn’t, and thus better connect with the place I am visiting. Having no itinerary opens door to places I never imagined, and this often are the trip-makers of my journey. Granted, this is extremely exhausting and definitely not recommendable to people who associates travelling with stressless holidays!

This blog is started during my 3 week trip in France. Hopefully, between the time I am not busy snapping pictures and planning my next destination, there are some time for me to write about the experiences I gained, which is the very purpose of creating this blog.

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