Coffee and croissant

Morning buzz

Despite it not being a particularly outstanding shot (although I love the expression of the worker and the general commotion in the cafe), this is one of my favourite picture in my France trip so far.

This was taken in a neighbourhood cafe near the St. Pierre train station, where I transited between Rennes and Amboise. As it was more than an hour wait (and I was in severe need of caffeine while adhering to my general principle of not buying anything in train stations), I ventured out of the station. This was the first cafe that I came across.

I ordered a coffee and croissant (pronounced the French way, of course) and made my way to the nearest seat. Being an Asian and with a huge haversack, I was clearly out of place. I imagined some conversation in French about the general inappropriateness of my presence, but because of my inability to understand, I persevered!

The old men in beret were enjoying some banter over wine and beer at the glorious hours of 10am. There were a couple of workers repairing some stuffs, and some regulars came in for the sandwiches that they have reserved, seemingly on their way to the train station. The general atmosphere was terrific.

When it was my turn to leave, I asked for the bill with a well-practised ‘c’est combien?‘. Never understood what the kind lady said in return, but I handed a €5 note, half-hoping it was enough.

It cost me €2.10.

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